2M carriers’ winter schedules see more blankings as demand freezes

By Mike Wackett 11/10/2023 2M alliance partners MSC and Maersk will revert to a reduced “winter schedule” coverage for Asia–North Europe until December to mitigate the impact of falling demand and the continued erosion of freight rates on the route. From the end of this month, the 2M will blank the sailing of an Asia–North Europe loop […]

Panama Canal restrictions are rerouting LPG shipping flows

Panama Canal restrictions are rerouting LPG shipping flows Panama Canal restrictions are already forcing ships to take multi-week detours via the Suez Canal and Cape of Good Hope. One shipping segment is more exposed to these reroutings than any other: specialized tankers that carry liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) from the U.S. to Asia. America is […]

Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act

June 21, 2022 – May 29, 2023Since the implementation of UFLPA, CBP stopped 4,269 shipments valued at over $1.39 billion for UFLPA reviews and enforcement actions. This is a huge milestone for CBP.•679 (16%) shipments valued over $40 million were denied entry into U.S.commerce.•1,608 (38%) shipments valued over $643 million were released into U.S. commerce.•In […]

West Coast container ports hit as labor talks take ominous turn

Greg Miller·Sunday, June 04, 2023 Will West Coast port labor negotiations devolve into a major, extended disruption to U.S. supply chains, akin to the labor fallout in 2014-2015? If there was a way to place a “prop” bet on this, how have the odds changed since the last port labor contract expired on July 1, […]

FedEx Express pilots vote overwhelmingly for strike over new contract

By Charlie Bartlett 18/05/2023 Unless the company agrees to their demands, the pilots of FedEx Express look set for industrial action, after a strike vote succeeded by a landslide. According to Air Line Pilots Association International (ALPA), the FedEx pilots’ representative, 97% of union members participated in the vote, and 99% voted for a strike: an “undeniable […]

Using smaller airports rather than major hubs can mean a ‘greener’ flight

By Alex Lennane in Munich 11/05/2023 Shippers should urge their airfreight providers to consider emissions – and they could see a big CO2 saving by choosing secondary airports. Research by Chicago Rockford (RFD), the upstart Illinois airport, shows aircraft use less fuel and emit less CO2 and other pollutants at smaller facilities like RFD than at major […]

Glut of new China-Europe capacity will depress airfreight rates

By Alex Whiteman 04/05/2023 Surging China-Europe air passenger services will only serve to further depress air freight rates, as the industry struggles to contend with mounting belly capacity amid weak demand. Looking at the UK alone, the spike in services over the past six months has been dramatic, with weekly China-Heathrow flights increasing ten-fold, from five to […]

Panama Canal lowers maximum depth limit on ships due to drought

PANAMA CITY, April 18 (Reuters) – The Panama Canal will impose lower draft restrictions on the largest ships passing through the key global trade route due to falling water levels at nearby lakes that form part of the waterway, the canal authority said on Tuesday. The restrictions, which will take effect on Wednesday, mean so-called […]

LA-LB outlook darkens as labor unrest briefly shutters ports

Ports on East and Gulf coasts poised to gain as disruption rattles West Coast Greg Miller·Sunday, April 09, 2023 The Port of Los Angeles’ sales pitch to importers in recent months has been: We have plenty of capacity now. No more ship queues. The port labor contract expired July 1, 2022, but there has been […]

Precision railroading strategy buckles under US legislative onslaught

By Ian Putzger, Americas Correspondent 04/04/2023 Under mounting pressure from a string of derailments, US Class I railways are abandoning elements of their predominant operational strategy of recent years . Precision scheduled railroading (PSR) is in retreat as legislative pressure on the carriers keeps building. On 30 March, legislators in the House of Representatives tabled a bill aimed […]